• Viaggi personalizzati in India, destinazione unica e irripetibile
  • Viaggio in Uzbekistan, da Samarcanda a Bukhara lungo la Via della Seta
  • Viaggio in Armenia e Georgia, le perle del Caucaso
  • I monasteri serbi: un viaggio speciale per amanti di pittura
  • Viaggio in Montenegro, in estate e autunno: una perla del Mediterraneo
  • Viaggio in Vietnam, una delle destinazioni pi richieste in Oriente
  • Viaggio in Azerbaijan, paese dalle infinite sorprese
  • Kazakhstan e Kirgystan: viaggio-avventura completamente guidato
  • Viaggio in Serbia, dal Danubio alla Drina
  • Viaggi personalizzati in Russia, un Paese immenso e tutto da scoprire

GATTACA VIAGGI : only the pleasure of travelling!!

We at GATTACA VIAGGI believe that being a Travel Agent does not mean selling travels from a catalogue but that our mission consists in being travel consultants who can support travelers with advices so that travelers can better appreciate the countless marvels of our planet. That is particularly true in presenting our activity as incoming travel consultants to Italy, one of the most amazing Countries of the world.

Based on our experience in proposing to the Italian travelers uncommon targets or in detecting specific aspects or peculiar curiosities in more common destinations, we have developed travel proposals for foreigners visiting this Country aimed at letting them discover it from a new angle.

By clicking on the above tabs you will be able to see a selection of ideas specifically designed for those who wish to discover Italy for the first time or – having visited this Country already – like to detect new aspects of this Country and of its millennial history. All such proposals can be adapted to the individual needs and you can contact us any time for building up a tailored journey. Rates shown therein are given as orders of magnitude ONLY and should be checked upon booking confirmation as service availability may vary with time.

Obviously we can assist you even for more simple questions, like booking a hotel, organizing a transfer or even simply providing you with a flight, train or ferry tickets anywhere in the world.

Do not hesitate to submit us a query using the contact form on this site, to call us on our telephone or – if you are living in Milan or happen to be close to our location – to drop by and visit us. We speak English, French German, Spanish and Russian and we will be more than happy to assist you on your travel needs in beautiful Italy.